Goons from Bajaj Finance have started harassing senior citizen women

Bangalore: Goons from Pune-based Bajaj Finance has started harassing senior citizens in the country. Krishna Das, a senior citizen, had recently written an email to the company’s chairman Saniv Bajaj about repeated pesky calls from Bajaj Finance despite her number being on DND list of TRAI for many years.

Two days after writing to Saniv Bajaj, goons from Bajaj Finance (Sumit with mobile number 9318349345 and Raju with mobile number 8104676942) started calling Krishna Das quite late in the night and began harassing her even more.

Krishna is neither a customer of Bajaj Finance nor a has contacted Bajaj Finance in her life, let alone the question of giving her number to anyone in the company. This shameful activity by Bajaj Finance took pace even after Krishna said in her email to Sanjiv Bajaj that she is suffering from mental illness and depression in her life.    

The incident comes close on the heels of Prameela Jangam, a Bajaj Finance customer from Hyderabad, reportedly complaining to Hyderabad police about goon activity from Bajaj Finance.

The number pesky calls from the company is increasing at alrming rate. Rana Dutta, a Mumbai resident, reportedly says she gets four-five calls everyday from Bajaj Finance for different product and services of the company despite not being a customer of Bajaj Finance at all. “Every day I block at least 5 calls from Bajaj Finance. After not sharing or using any product of theirs if this is what I am subjected to at any hour every day, I am sure if I share my number they will harass me to death,” Dutta said her recent tweet.

“On an average I get around 10 text sms and 4-5 calls every week from Bajaj Finance and other NBFCs pushing loans,” said Subhash, another resident in Mumbai. “Every time you block a number, the call comes from a different number,” he added.