20+ Kids Who Are The Masters Of Hide And Seek

If you can't find any kids in this post, it's because they're true hide-and-seek champions! I'm kidding. As anyone who has kids knows, children are like ostriches: if they cover their heads, they think they're invisible. (disclaimer: ostriches don't actually do this)
Until around 7 years of age, most children are not yet sufficiently cognitively developed to be able to take another individual’s perspective into consideration. Therefore, when they close or block their eyes, not only can they not see anything, but they think that nobody else can see anything either.
This list is an updated open-list version of our old hide-and-seek post, so that everyone can add their own pics and vote for the best hide-and-seek kid.

1. Hide And Seek Level Over 9000

Hide And Seek Level Over 9000