8 Motherhood Hacks To Keep Your Cool And Stay Happy

We mums are all guilty of losing our tempers sometimes with our kids, and getting ourselves feel burnt out in our daily lives. And let’s face it, at times we even over-complicate things to try and find the perfect solution for just about everything, since only the best is good enough for our family.. Wouldn't it be nice to be a calm, relaxed and in-control mom by applying just a few simple steps? Take a look at these 8 motherhood hacks on how to keep your cool and stay energised.

1. Breathe


You might hear this a lot and not pay attention to it, but it truly works! The first thing you should do when the situation is overwhelming is breathe and count to 10 (or even sing the ABC song!). This will give you a chance to calm down, think clearly and not lose your cool before taking the next step.