Five Fascinating TV And Film Facts: Colin Firth Special

As Firth celebrates his 55th birthday, we uncover some Firth facts - from that white shirt to fighting Hugh Grant

1. About that lake scene

About that lake scene

The scene in which Colin Firth emerges from a lake in a soaking white t-shirt in the BBC's 1995 adaptation of Pride and Prejudice has become iconic. But it wasn't planned that way. "The wet shirt scene was intended to be a total full-frontal nudity scene," screenwriter Andrew Davies revealed at the Cheltenham Literary Festival. "He'd just spent weeks and months in London being polite with a group of stuffy people. He would have had a few hours in which he could be blissfully alone. It's a hot day, he arrives at this lake - so I thought he would strip completely off and dive down and just become a creature, an animal, just for once." Davies isn't sure why it was changed, joking: "They could have always cut to him standing on the bank diving in naked so it might have been something about Colin’s anxiety about love handles or something."