McDreamy's Dreamiest Grey's Anatomy Moments

As distraught Grey's fans say teary farewells to Derek Shepherd, we look back at his best, sweetest, and noblest moments from the last 11 series...

1. The one night stand

This is where Mer-Der all began. The very first time we met Meredith Grey she was waking up next to Derek Shepherd - not that she could remember his name. It was the morning Meredith was starting work at Seattle Grace and Derek was trying to distract her with his charming smile and bare chest. She wasn't distracted, but we certainly were.

2. This little speech

How Meredith refused to go out with him after this number, we're not sure. (We wish he thought our hair smelled good.) But Derek was correctly confident that she'd change her mind: "You say that now..."