The 10 Biggest Knocks Against Floyd Mayweather's Legacy

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is arguably this century's greatest fighter, but there are numerous cracks in his resume. As he enters his supposed final fight, here are the top 10 issues clouding Mayweather's unbeaten record.

1. Delaying His Biggest Fight For Five Years

Delaying His Biggest Fight For Five Years

Mayweather likes to call himself the best ever, but his strength of schedule doesn't warrant it. The biggest threat of his career was Manny Pacquiao from 2009-12. Instead of facing Pacquiao at his peak and silencing his critics, Mayweather avoided him despite fighting on the same network. In waiting for the more-rugged Filipino to decline, a fresher Mayweather beat his rival in a what-could've-been megafight.