Donald Trump Dominates The Republican Primaries, But....

Donald Trump Dominates but you wouldn't know by listening to the media.

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So tonight the Republican Primaries were held but if you listened to the media you got a feeling that he came in last. Everyone seemed to be talking about Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz who cam in second, a distance second at that.

So you know the Votes, Donald Trump received 239,660 Votes with Rubio getting 165,790. Ted Cruz was slightly behind Rubio with 164,677 votes. This means that Trump won with almost 74,000 more votes than his closest competitor.  But everyone keeps talking about how Trump would lose if you added everyone elses votes together. Never in the history of politics has this occurred.

There is a sharp disdain for Donald Trump because of the fact that he is self funding. He and Bernie Sanders would not have to answer to any big corporations or special interest groups whereas ALL other candidates owe a debt. Pay attention to the newscasters over the next few weeks because this is going to start to get really interesting.